Rediscovered Beauty

Suppressed Composers

Music touches people's lives in many different ways.

It gives voice to creative self expression, encourages dialogue,

and reflects the humanitarian potential

in every global citizen.

 Rediscovered Beauty : Suppressed Composers


strives to promote understanding of the past,

preserve its memory,

and build a more humane future through its efforts.


Rediscovered Beauty: Suppressed Composers™

was conceived in 2010 by Dutch / American operatic baritone Ryan Hugh Ross while still a student at the Bob Cole Conservatory at California State University, Long Beach. His interest in history and passion for music led to the creation of a   5 part concert/lecture series dedicated to generation of musicians, composers, and artists who were silenced by the Third Reich.

The original series comprised of works by many rarely performed composers and was endorsed by the German and Israeli Consulates of Los Angeles, The OREL Foundation, The Franz Schreker Foundation, the International Centre for Suppressed Music at the Jewish Music Institute- University of London and was generously underwritten by the Austrian Consulate General of Los Angeles.

The success of the original series led to the formation of the non-profit Rediscovered Beauty: Suppressed Composers Organisation dedicated to research, promotion, and performance of the lives and music this extraordinary "Lost Generation".


Recent focus has been dedicated to the promotion and performance of works by suppressed Viennese composer

Julius Burger (1897-1995). For more information about Julius Burger, please visit the Artists page. This culminated in a Festival in partnership with Southwest Minnesota State University including a lecture series and several concerts including the World Premiere of  several vocal works by Burger and included the US Premiere of his

Two Songs for Baritone and Orchestra (c.1919).


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Rediscovered Beauty : Suppressed Composers

Ryan Hugh Ross

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Rediscovered Beauty 

Suppressed Composers


 A Concert/Lecture series

The Cole Conservatory of Music

California State University, Long Beach

For Concerts & Related Literature


Voices of Exile :

The Jewish Experience


A Concert/ Lecture

series dedicated

to the life & work of 

Julius Burger

Southwest Minnesota State University

Marshall, Minnesota

For Concerts & Literature




Konzert Julius Burger


Performance by the Adamas Quartet und Atout chamber music ensemble


The aim of the center of the mdw is the recitation of forgotten composers, especially those who receive the center as estate. Julius Bürger was born in Vienna in 1897 and became a student with Franz Schreker at the MDW in 1919 and followed his teacher to Berlin the following year. Bruno Walter recommended Artur Bodanzky to the New York Metropolitan Opera. Later he went to the Kroll Opera in Berlin and became an assistant to Otto Klemperer. As a Jew, he had to leave Berlin in 1933 and Vienna in 1938, and went back to New York to the Met. The ensembles Adamas and Atout play string quartets and pieces for string ensembles of this interesting and forgotten composer. He died in New York in 1995. ( by Gerold Gruber)  


Exil.Arte Poster 2017
Exil.Arte Burge Poster 2

Exil.Arte Centre Induction  Ceremony

Honoring the the Life and Works


Walter Arlen, Julius Bürger, Georg Tintner,

Vally Weigl and Egon Wellesz




Julius Burger at Metropolitan Opera, NYC

Julius Burger


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