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Spätlese Musik 

Rediscovered Beauty : Suppressed Composers

is proud to announce

the launch of a new record label

dedicated to the ideals of the organisation appropriately titled



Spätlese Musik

The word Spätlese literally translates from German as 'Late Harvest'.

This is a reference to the semi-sweet Austrian wines  which were historically synonymous with vineyards around Vienna.

The name also makes reference 

to the late restoration of this

forgotten music into the repertoire,

where they belong.

Please visit

the Burgerlieder Album page

on this site

for more details on

A Journey in Exile:

The Lieder of Julius Burger

Spatlese Musik.png
Burger Composing by window B&W.png

Julius Burger Composing (circa 1940)

Photo Courtesy of the Burger Estate

Exil.Arte Centrum Archive - Vienna, Austria

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