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For More Information on this Extraordinary Generation of Composers,

Please Visit the Following Sites-

EXIL.ARTE ZENTRUM- Exil.Arte operates as a centre for the reception, preservation and research of Austrian composers, performers, musical academics and thinkers who, during the years of the ‘Third Reich’ were branded as ‘degenerate’.

MUSIC AND THE HOLOCAUSTThis website is focused on a particular aspect of that broad subject, namely the role of music in the Holocaust—the systematic mass murder by the Nazis of six million European Jews, as well as homosexuals, communists, Roma, and other victims during the Second World War.  The articles describe the wide range of musical activities that took place in camps and ghettos across Nazi-occupied Europe, focusing not only on the work of professional musicians and composers but equally on the music created and performed by millions of ‘ordinary’ people in response to their experiences of internment. The recordings include songs written and sung by victims across Europe, as well as full-length compositions written primarily in Theresienstadt and in the post-war period.  

*Ryan Hugh Ross is a contributor to the online articles section of this website.

His current biographical articles include: Marcel Tyberg, Karol Rathaus, Julius Burger,*, Jascha Horenstein, Walter Goehr, Ignace Strasfogel, Walter Bricht

OREL FOUNDATIONThe mission of The OREL Foundation is to encourage interest in and, especially, the performance of works by composers suppressed as a result of Nazi policies from 1933 to 1945 in order to allow the greater musical community of today and tomorrow the opportunity to determine the place of these composers and their works in the history and canon of twentieth-century music.

FORBIDDEN MUSIC- This is the official site for Forbidden Music : The Jewish Composers Banned by the Nazis.  The book, written by Michael Haas, (homepage) is published by Yale University Press in 2013.


JMI has been deeply involved in developing and promoting the research, recording, and performance of works by classical composers who were stopped from working, forced into exile or killed by the Nazis. 

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